We offer dependable water treatment equipment, from the best manufactures, Fleck is the #1 water treatment valve manufacturer. Professionals' Choice Pro RO provides the best Reverse Osmosis Drinking System. Our goal is to offer quality water treatment equipment. No Franchise fees means lower prices. All Equipment is built to our specifications. 

We're sort of like an independent insurance agent, we can pick and choose what products we represent and which systems are right for your water conditions and your family's needs.

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Now this is what you'll really appreciate. Treated water makes your clothes softer, whiter & brighter with half the detergent. Bathing is the absolute best in conditioned water. You don't like the taste of your water, try a Reverse Osmosis drinking water system that filters the water molecule by molecule to squeeze out the very best drinking water, all for just pennies per gallon. Red Iron stains on all your tubs and fixtures? How about a rotten egg odor/sulphur smell? We solve these hard to treat water problems daily. Bacteria problems are no problem with our chlorine or ultraviolet sanitizing systems.
List of products:
The Econominder II
Elite Meter II 
E1500 ~Oxy~Air System
Super Softener
Professionals' Choice Pro RO
Stenner / WellMate Chlorinator
1 Year Satisfaction Guarantee. If in the first year you're unhappy with our product, we will refund the total purchase price of your equipment. Equipment warranties range from 3-5 years parts and labor. We don't offer lifetime warranties because if you read the fine print on these limited warranty, it only guarantees items on the system that wouldn't normally go bad anyhow!  Also, labor is never included on those warranties, We offer the best true warranties, period.
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