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Since 1989, we have been an independent dealer for Fleck products, coupling a range of state-of-the-art products with guaranteed lowest prices on systems of the same size, quality, and efficiencies with certified professional service that is unparalleled. Take a look around and you'll see why Fleck systems have consistently earned "Best Buy" ratings from Consumer Digest and major consumer publications. 
For more information on Fleck products, or to schedule a complimentary water analysis at your home or business, feel free to contact us. Please let us know if we can be of service. 
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Reverse Osmosis is the most convenient and effective method of water filtration. It filters water by squeezing water through a semi-permeable membrane, which is rated at 0.0001 micron (equals to 0.00000004 inch!). This is the technology used to make bottled water, it is also the only technology capable of desalinating sea water, making it into drinking water. <more info>
1 Year Satisfaction Guarantee. If in the first year you're unhappy with our product, we will refund the total purchase price of your equipment. Equipment warranties range from 3-5 years parts and labor. We don't offer lifetime warranties because if you read the fine print on the limited warranty, it only guarantees items on the system that wouldn't normally go bad anyhow Labor is never included on those warranties either, We will offer the best true warranties,  period.
Additional notes:
Our Systems Solve Hard Water Problems, Rotten Egg Odors, Red Iron Stains,  Muddy Water, Acidic Water, Bacteria Problems and more!
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